About Me

Welcome to my world. Or rather, welcome to the crazy, goopy mess that is the inside of my head. This is where I share to the rest of the world everything that I am thinking of at the moment, from journal entries to short stories, or at least, the ones worth sharing.
I wanted to get back to keeping a journal again, feel free to take a look at them under the “Journal” category. Most of it is boring stuff that I feel like writing down, but you’re welcome to it anyway.
As for the “Short Stories” category, ask any story teller, and he/she will tell you that the stories easiest told, are the ones rooted in fact and experienced first hand. However, there’s a few stories that’s just exploding inside me, waiting to be told, but for legal reasons, I can’t really share it in it’s pure, unadulterated form. So, to solve that, I’ve edited them heavily and fictionalized them to the point where it’s riddled with holes and left out or altered details that can identify people, places, entities & etc. to preserve their rights to privacy and confidentiality.
I may add other categories sometime in the future once I get back into the hang of writing again, but for now, I will focus on those two categories.
I hope you enjoy my writings and feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Stay Frosty.

One last note, if you enjoy my kind of writing or my type of humor, (this blog is only 4 days old and 2 posts in as I write this, there’s nothing so humorous yet, but trust me, I’m funny), please visit the following blogs:

The ‘S’ Word – http://girlseule.wordpress.com/
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Not that they need my help gaining more followers, but it’s just a crime not to spread the word around about them.